Recording Studios Birmingham: DIY

Birmingham Recording Studio makes the best sounding rooms in the Midlands available for freelancers! So you did a recording degree and have your own DAW but would love to record in a high end studio? Fine. Bring the band, use our gear and room and hit record! Need a bit of help? Hire one of our recording engineers for just a couple of hours to help you set up. Want to go higher end? Rent a special piece of gear, such as an Audient, Neumann or Neve, to really push up the quality of your sound.

Rates: Our basic rate of £15 ph room hire includes the use of an 8 channel firewire recording interface and two microphones. Other equipment is available to rent.

If you want to record your own band (or anyone else's for that matter) in an awesome recording studio in Birmingham give us a shout at DBM Recording Studios in Birmingham!