Other services

Here at Birmingham's premier multi-media studio complex we don't just do large sound proof studios for you to record, rehearse and take photos in.  We:

- can provide one-to-one tuition for photographers that want to take their skills to the next level
- can provide training on most major DAWS including Pro Tools, Logic and Cubase
- offer coaching in respect of recording and mixing techniques
- can arrange vocal and performance coaching or instrument tuition
- provide design and consultancy services for your home or project studio
- can help you set up your gear or trouble shoot if it's gone wrong.

We would also be happy to arrange photo shoot packages or music videos tailored to your budget starting at just £99.

You can also rent a PA and lights for your live gig, an engineer to run it, have your CDs printed and replicated.  Alternatively talk to us about band management, gig promotion, radio play and PR consulting. What's DBM Studios got (apart from photography, recording and rehearsal studios)? It's got the lot!